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Making Space

Is sculpture an occupation of space or a construction of space?
Is the body the origin for sculpture or the container for sculpture?
Antony Gormley devotes himself to the relationship of the human body to space, which surrounded by shadowing and appearing.
For him, the sculpture is a medium to answer the Ultimate Question of Life and the Universe. Is human being the yardstick for all things of the world? How do people conduct a dialogue with the universe? What’s the significance of the sculpture in this era? We’d going back to the above starting points in this lecture. What’s more, Antony Gormley’s creation method would also be discussed. In fact, It’s very important for us to understand his works by exploring the relationship between art and society, which is also Antony’s concern. His concern belongs not only to the artist, the public, but also to all those who care for our living conditions. Professor Noble Richard, the man who has sufficient knowledge of Antony’s works, will also be there, and he would share his finding of utopia in the works of Antony.

How does the sculpture show human’s possibilities? How to construct the space? And how does art connect with society? Antony Gormley answers these questions trough his art works.

Lecture Information

Theme:Making space
Address:Long Museum (West Bund) Lecture Hall
Date:1:30-3:00 pm ,2017.09.08
Guest Host:Shen Qilan
Guest Speaker:Antony Gormley, Prof. Richard Noble

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