Women as Creators

Women artists are influenced by time, and in the reverse direction, reshape it through their talents and efforts. They’re not just being created, but now playing as creators as well. In this exhibition, artists gathered together not only by their gender, but also by the true creativity. Each one of SHE is creating a world in her own way. The forum will discuss the challenges that women are facing, and celebrates their joy as creators.


Re-sist-ance/Zheng Lu

The title "耳且", pronounced “erqie”, is the morphological composition of "阻" , meaning “resistance” in Chinese, in other words, any mechanical force that tends to retard or oppose motion. In general, “resistance” is synonymous with “obstacle”, as was said by Liang Qichao, a renowned Chinese scholar during the late Qing dynasty and the early Republic of China, “Everything in this world meets resistance, and we call it a success when resistance is crushed.” Moreover, this coinage, homonymous with “and” or “also” in Chinese, generates a new sense of parallel and progression, turning therefore the exhibition into a kind of exploration into the aesthetics of resistance.
This solo is more concerned with the time series, space and change, which explains the artist’s effort to move from the poetics of image-making to the philosophy of image-making. Aiming at freeing himself from the conflict between the sensory experience and the concepts, he heads for liberal expression of the inner conflict. Nothing about human life or the world is absolutely clear or definite, and any landscape or spectacle has its reason of being, so you may run into a “natural” landscape, but it may well be an illusion only. Emerged in the pervasive universe, we experience terror or excitement, but we would still suffer as an idealist if we go back to our origin--- it is doomed to be a tragedy, whether we return to the past or go toward the future.


Long Museum Open Time Adjustment Notice

Opening hours of Long Museum :
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2017 Spring Festival Announcement:
During the Spring Festival, the hours of Long Museum (West Bund) will be as follows:

January 26th: 10:00-15:00, 14:00 last admission.
January 27th: Closed
January 28th – February 2nd: 10:30-17:00, 16:00 last admission.

Long Museum (Pudong)、(Chongqing)will be closed during 2017 Spring Festival Vacation.


Film in Germany, Germany in Film

Film in City, City in Film is a long-term film screening and communication project organized by Long Museum, and co-organized by consulates of a number of countries. There will be one film screening for one week, which will be shown in the Long Theater.


Chinese Traditional Art from Long Collection (Ancient Artifacts)

As one of the significant exhibitions for the opening of LONG MUSEUM, Chinese Traditional Art from Long Collection, hosted by Shan Guolin and Zhao Li, displays traditional Chinese artworks collected by Liu Yiqian and Wang Wei.