Black and White — An Exhibition of Monochrome

Long Museum West Bund
Ma Desheng, Zhang Yi

The State of "Black and White Way-Tswar" is quoted from In Praise of the Portrait of Zen Master, written by Shi Zhengjue in Song Dynasty. The concept of "Black and White Way-Tswar" is the primitive status of Go game, while black and white stones have not yet been set on board competing with each other, indicating everything is unknown.

One impactful way that could show this primitive status without any logical and rational considerations while expressing oneself artistically, is by using monochrome. Yves Klein suggests that monochrome is a lengthy process of wisdom and essence getting mature, in the meantime it is the only method to understand the space and nihility as the sensibility of the singular graph in monochrome is the continuity carrier to express the immaterial energy.

Color, as far as its abstract concept is concerned, has strong psychological implications and associations. Monochrome is so sensitive compared to colors, it is farther from reality. It creates illusions, distracts people from reality, and thus endows the work with infinity. The arrogance of monochrome seems to indicate that people always stay on the surface and ignore feelings.

The visual phenomenon in the objective world is meaningless. Meanings are entitled by the human feelings, and what really matters are the emotions --- the most primitive thing. Since the world of consciousness and rationality is cold and indifferent to us, we would rather leave is behind and immerse ourselves in boundless pure feelings.

This exhibition is an exploration of the diversity in monochrome artworks, starting with black and white, ending with red. The expression form has paintings as well as single color glazed porcelain.

By passing rationality, skipping consciousness, monochrome reveals the most primitive and pure emotion.

The contours of the objective world gradually disappear…

But a blissful sense of liberating non-objectivity drew me forth into the "desert", where nothing is real except feeling. (by Malevich)

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Ticket Price: Tickets are included in the exhibition “Turning Point - 40 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art”.

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