Get One for Two: Museums Tickets-Exchange Program

Published:May 21, 2013 Source:龙美术馆

Long Museum, together with Rockbund Art Museum (RAM) , host "Get One for Two: Museums Tickets Exchange Program". 

Event Duration: May 21, 2013 - August 11, 2013

You can:

Buy 1 ticket of Long Museum get 2 tickets free of RAM; or buy 2 tickets (15RMB/ticket) of RAM get 1 ticket (50RMB) free of Long Museum.

— By presenting the ticket of Long Museum, one will enjoy 20%-Off for the family-program of RAM; by presenting the ticket of RAM, one will enjoy 20%-Off for the family-program of Long Museum. RSVP is required on the official website of both museums.

— The ticket-exchange policy is also valid for discounted ticket (including student and group visit).

Hosts: Long Museum & RAM

Current Exhibitions:

Long Museum:

 Experiencing Simplicity: Realistic Paintings from Long Collection (2013.04.13-08.30)

 Image: The Storyteller——Picture Storybooks from Long Collection (2013.06.01-07.30)

 New Art History from Long Collection (Modern Art) (Till 2013.09.30)

 Revolutionary Art Since the Yan'an Era (Till 2013.09.30)

 Chinese Traditional Art from Long Collection (Till 2013.12.31)



 From Gesture to Language-- Trans-Forming Practices of Art Expression

 Duration: 2013.04.27 -2013.08.11


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