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Criss-Cross: Artworks of Young Chinese Contemporary Artists from Long Collection

Published:Dec 16, 2013

It is another active carding and research of LONG collection in terms of Chinese contemporary young artists creations.

Download: Chinese Version 0.2M English Version 0.18M

Cold Mountain—the Solo Exhibition of Yin Zhaoyang

Published:Nov 1, 2013

Long Museum presents one of the most representative 70s Chinese artists Yin Zhaoyang's solo exhibition—Cold Mountain.

Download: Chinese Version 0.41M English Version 0.37M

Childhood Memories of New China——Revolutionary Serial-Pictures from Long Collection

Published:Oct 16, 2013

The unique creation technique and form of these serial-pictures enrich and deepen the meaning of "Red Classics" works.

Download: CN/EN Version 0.19M

Puru’s Painting and Calligraphy from Long Collection

Published:Oct 16, 2013

This exhibition will present Puru’s selected painting and calligraphy works at various periods from Long collection.

Download: CN/EN Version 0.34M

The Chinese Fan of Ming Dynasty from Collection of Jiashutang

Published:Oct 15, 2013

The exhibition presents nearly 100 works on Chinese Fan of Ming Dynasty from collection of the master of Jiashutang.

Download: Chinese Version 0.37M

Clues of Asia —— Asian Contemporary Art from Long Collection

Published:Aug 31, 2013

As the international exhibition debut since Long's opening, the exhibition will present its unique Asia contemporary art

Download: Chinese Version 0.31M English Version 0.26M

Experiencing Simplicity - Realistic Paintings from Long Collection News for Media Press

Published:Apr 7, 2013

“Experiencing Simplicity — Realistic Paintings from Long Collection” is a brand-new exhibition after Long Museum’s...

Download: Chinese Version 0.29M English Version 0.16M

LONG MUSEUM Opening News for Media Press

Published:Dec 11, 2012

After more than two years’ preparation, LONG MUSEUM will have its opening on December 18th, 2012. The museum, founded...

Download: Chinese Version 0.24M English Version 0.25M

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