Academic Committee

The academic committee of LONG MUSEUM was designated by the founder on 20th October 2012 with its commitment to support the operation and development of LONG MUSEUM. Renowned art critics, curators, cultural researchers and museum experts are invited as the museum’s academic counselors offering professional recommendations and academic supports. Based on the comprehensive art collection, LONG MUSEUM is committed to make research on its collection, artists and exhibitions. The professionals’ suggestions have significant influence not only on broadening the academic construction, guiding the collection and the conservation of works as well as the way of planning exhibitions, but also helping the museum to move towards the orientation of an “Academic, Professional and International” private museum.

2012-2013 Academic Counselors of LONG MUSEUM

Art critic & curator Li Xianting
Director of Painting & Calligraphy Department, Shanghai Museum Shan Guolin
Associate Director of National Museum of China Chen Lvsheng
Director of CAFA Art Museum Wang Huangsheng
Art critic & curator Lv Peng
Professor of China Central Academy of Fine Art Zhao Li

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